Friday, June 13, 2014

Jeffery Campbell & Brazilian Beauty Tricks

Hello Sunshines

Ive been M I A from this blog . Apologies

But im here with some shoe porn.

Jefferry Campbell is known for hes amazing & i mean amazing shoes ..

Here is a couple of my favourites that i could perve over all day !

Love the light pastels

Reminds me of the hit movie The Great Gatsby

Crochet is defintly my favourite. its timeless , sheek & super feminine

glitter !!!

Crochet. again :D

Edgy !


Jeffery Campbells can be purchase in South Africa online at zando 

Since the FIFA World Cup has become. I thought it would be appropirate to give you some Brazilian Beauty secrets.

Adriana Lima

Brazil defintily has some of the most beautiful women

off to the beach... Exfoliate with sand 

Use sunscreen and softly massage your skin with sand . Concentrate on the area which are dry such as heels & elbows.The sand will get rid of any dead skin cells.Exfoliating also stimulate blood circulation and helps with cellulite. 

Drink Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is pack with anti oxidants & protects your skin from harmful UV Rays.

Feel Comfortable in your own skin
Brazilian women are taught from a very young age to not hide their flaw, they are taught to flaunt & embrace them.

Goji Berries
Goji Berries helps keep the skin look young & fresh . they prevent wrinkles & scarring. These berries can be added to a smoothie :) 

Babassu oil

This oil is derived from the Babassu palm (also know as 
"the tree of life" )in Brazil. For many years Brazilian women have used this oil on their skin. The oil is quite balanced so it nourishes  your skin , without your skin feel greasy. A great alternitive to this oil is Coconut Oil.

Carrot Juice
Brazilian Women are know for their flawless gorgeous tans .
Achieve this by drinking carrot juice 2 weeks before tanning.Carrot juice is filled with beta-cartene which helps the skin glow & tan beautifully. P.s dont forget sunscreen.

Share these secrets with friends & have an stunning weekend


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festive Greetings ♥

Hello Beautiful People♥ 

I haven't blogged in a while because of exams , work  bleh. been quite a busy bee.

The Festive Season has finally arrived.. time to relax with friends , family , good food & wine :) .. & lets not forget the Christmas lights, decorating the Christmas tree, gift shopping , baking & just having a good time with people you love.

I've been putting off Christmas shopping as the shops have been so full , i did however go to the mall today to look for some pressies.

Xmas Gift Shopping 

I went in to LUSH and found some really great smelling products... & i fancy them lot because they all handmade .

A great gift idea is the Ballastics / Bath bombs .

Here are 2 of my favourite Ballastics.

Rose Queen : light rose fragrance, with a hint of marigold & lavender.. with hibiscus petals
Rose Queen

Sex Bomb: Jasmine-clary sage & ylang ylang.. perfect for your inner love goddess. 

Sex Bomb


They also sell great face scrubs ..handmade of course.. 

LUSH Organic Homemade Face Masks

while im on the topic of face scrub let me tell you the benefits of scrubing.

  • unclogs pores
  • removes rough, and uneven skin
  • removes dead skin cells
  • reveals a newer and younger looking skin
  • keeps skin clean
  • reduces acne breakouts
  • helps prevent wrinkle development
  • gives better presentation to creams, butters and tan product
How often should you scrub...
  • Weekly for hands and feet
  • every 2-3 weeks for legs and arms
  • about every second week for face - to keep the skin look fresh.
WARNING: DO NOT over exfoliate as it will leave you looking quite red and cause irritation.
Try and stay away for exfoliates which contain sythetic beads as they can be quite harmful to the skin.

On a Sadder note we bid farewell to Nelson Mandela ..
He was defiantly a inspiration and icon for many.He may be gone, but he will definitely not be forgotten.

A Moving picture taken outside Mandela's home

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” - Nelson Mandela

I'm looking forward to go and watch Long Walk to Freedom in the Cinema.

Since it is the Christmas season & its all about giving if you have any toys /stuffed animals etc. that is in a good condition don't hesitate to donate them to a charity this Christmas to make a less fortunate child Christmas brighter :)

Klipfontein Road,
Rondebosch 7700
Cape Town
Telephone:021 658 5111

Side Note : The more you give the more you shall receive

What im LOVING at the moment

I'm defiantly a coffee / caffeine addicted & can not function without my cuppa in the morning.
Cappuccino my favourite well not any more after i got introduced to a Red Cappuccino.
Words can not describe how good it is . Its like a actual cappuccino, but instead of  a shot of espresso its made with Rooibos. (making it caffeine and coffee free .. a healthy & taste amaze)
Its Rich & creamy. Can this beverage get any better?!!!?  it even contains antioxidants.
i F***king LOVE IT.

Some places that sells this :Woolworths, Mugg & Bean, Melissa, Motherland Coffee

Woolworth s Red Cappuccino

Have a blast Christmas shopping , spend time & appreciate love ones ... & don't forget to be grateful.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Study Tips

Hello Beautifuls

Since varsity/Uni/college/school exams are coming up or have already began, I decide that a post of study tips would be very appropriate.

Here they are hope they help & if you have any tips of your own leave a comment :) 

Get your "om" on , meditation doesn't only help to relax you but it also helps manage stress and improves your attention span.

If you enjoy listening to music while you study, listen to instrumental music .
Music with lyrics can mess with your concentration.

Drink coffee before a power nap , you won't feel groggy when you wake up

Snack on* heathy snacks .. To keep you going

Take a break every 25 minutes .

According to studies laughing and giggling helps with problem solving and creative thinking :)

Drink water before an exam. Studies showed that students who drank water before their exam did 5% better than those who didn't.

Organize notes, books, text books, sort out files BEFORE exams. This makes notes easier and quicker to find when needed.

Type your notes in Times New Roman . This font is the easiest and quickest to read :)

Some other tips
♥ Get a good nights sleep (don't do all nighters)
♥ Don't study on a empty stomach ( glucose improve memory)
♥ Practice past papers
♥ Make you study notes in colour , this makes it easier to read
♥ Take vitamin b tablets - it fights off depression and helps with concentration
♥ Spray a unfamiliar scent when studying, and spray it again before you write the test this will jog your memory
♥ Don't  wait till the last minute
♥ Don't hit the PROCRASTINATION station . Get things done!!!!

Even though we all feel like this :

Put a reminder on your phone : 

Don't forget to breathe. 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

S P R I N G ♥

Hello Beautifuls♥♥

Spring is finally here & with it some lovely trends .

Let me begin ..

Tone up those tummies, Crop tops are here to stay .




Make a statement !

Add edge & glam 

Fun, pretty , girly & flirty ..

The 20s fringe trend is back ! 
This trend can be seen in the fantastic movie The Great Gatsby.


Black & white continue to be a powerful , however icy pastels & hints of pink make an appearance ♥

Satin makes the pastel colour look soft & fresh .♥

White still keeps its chic & sophisticated look.
Pretty filigree white fabrics can be seen in Valentino, Simone Roche & Stella McCartney. 
Clean, precise , origami folds ditches satin can be seen in Prada & Celine 

.............................  ..........................    ..............................   ........................   .........................

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense

Spring welcomes fun & fruity lipstick colours and makeup trends

This has got to be my favourite lip colour balm it doesn't smudge , the colour is vibrant & intense 
& it's long lasting too :) . It moisturizers the lip while adding colour .
It costs about R210 . But definitely worth it!
The colour I have used is Plushest Punch.

Here are some other colours 

JUst Bitten by REVLON

This range has some pretty colors & is cheaper than Clinique (R110) but I found that the felt tip drys out after time.


lumionious, rosy , dewy skin with a soft petal lip & a sun kissed finish.

Rock n Roll. Lots of eyeliner & false lashes with a neutral lip. ♥

Blue or green liner was applied on the lower lash line & lots of mascara for extra definition